EDITION: 205 CS (100 yellow, 105 purple shell)

From an interview with VICE:

"’Tell about the response to quitting crack in your music and art.

For the literal sound of my music, it's a response to the crack high, as crack is an abrupt, speedy thing and I make really slow, sludgy music, not the normal way you might of think of sludge like rocking out with your cock out. I'm trying to rock out with my vagina out. Like do something less phallic. More wombic. Rocking out with my genitals in. Invert the crack high is what I'm trying to do and I think How I Quit Crack explains that. Like this is how I stopped crack by creating the opposite of the crack high. Though real way I quit was by verbal abuse and neglect. How so? My significant other at the time quit before I did and he would call me a loser cause I was continuing smoking and make me feel like shit. I did stop, but after that it killed our relationship. I destroyed a lot of things physically in our living space and it wasn't easy for him to forgive me for that kind of thing. I started feeling like the neglected housewife, and that why I wear a lot of lingerie like a neglected housewife who wants a lot of attention and just doesn't care anymore, 'cause its over and I quit. I lost myself and I regret it. When I'm done healing myself, I will be done with the name How I Quit Crack. But I'm not done healing and I have a lot of dreams about crack. I use to chase a lot of crack and then when I quit, I felt like it was chasing me, like it was mad at me. My dad would always say that in the olden days when someone was possessed the spirit would look like animals, and they would act like that animal. Nowadays, possessive spirits take more sophisticated forms like greed and arrogance, and I think drug addiction is a form of that. I feel like I let my spirit be opened to that and now I'm going through a spiritual healing as well, which is How I Quit Crack.’"

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