“Newcastle trio Jazzfinger is still going strong after more than fifteen years.  They’re settling in with a new label though as this tape is their first output with Handmade Birds.  Jazzfinger has always been about as easy to nail down as they are consistent.  In other words, it’s tough to point to any one release and say they sound like this, because another release might sound a bit different.  But, all of these together make up their one sound.  In this way, each release is almost like a whole track in itself that together forms a very expansive discographic album.  Perhaps it’s indicative of the three personalities involved.  On Destroyed Form you can count on the tape living up to its name.  There are so many different ways that this outfit dismembers their tracks and in doing so dismembers your ear drums.  Play this loud!

Fifty minutes go by with moments of garbledly musique concrete, buzzing resonances that will jar the wax out of your ears, minimalistic eeriness and anxiety-ridden noises.  Five total tracks that indecipherably flow one into another.  It takes a sophisticated ear to appreciate these twisted soundscapes.  Even though metal guitar and screaming vocals are absent, this album is dark.  I mean, DARK.  To get the most for your money, play this one at night.  Like, say, when everyone else is off to bed.  When it’s just you and the shadows and the loneliness that’s when this tape is at its best.  Think of a blend of Book of Shadows and Century Plants.  All kinds of ghostly bone chilling effects that construct a junkyard of soundscapes.  I say junkyard because there isn’t necessarily a steady stream of cohesion throughout each track.  There’s a general sense of improvisation but doesn’t seem to lack an overall plan.  There’s certainly a telos in mind.  Jazzfinger continues to redefine and reestablish their legacy.  Beautifully simple j cards and black tapes with calligraphic inscriptions.” – Foxy Digitalis

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