EDITION: 100 CS45 + DIGITAL (silver on blue tint and ultra limited red tint shells)

"Kevin Hufnagel is a musician who generally deals in the intense, steely and complex. His work as guitarist for bands such as Gorguts and Dysrthymia has resulted in breathtaking sprints up and down the fretboard, with adamantine riffs and notes tunnelling through labyrinthine songs, leaving fans in awe of his guitar wizardry. (Pop Matters)"

"Perhaps better known in metal circles as the guitarist for Dysrhythmia, and, more notably as of late, Gorguts, Kevin Hufnagel has actually spent the past few decades weaving a complex tapestry of solo guitar and ukulele works, ranging from the crystalline ambiance of Transparencies to the “prepared” works found in Songs for the Disappeared (a longtime favorite of mine) and Ashland. Hufnagel’s latest solo outing, the already sold out Kleines Biest (don’t let that deter you), is an entirely different monster. Whereas previous electric works received post-production treatment which enhanced the original composition, Kleines Biest finds itself more aligned with “chopped and screwed” music rather than meditative, nighttime ambiance of previous electric works. It’s as if Hufnagel has composed and recorded the most grandiose, heart-wrenchingly beautiful electric guitar ambiance album in existence, only to hack it into a million pieces and create various angular shapes out of the opalescent sound. Bound to turn heads, tunes like “Ran Visions” energetically hop between a deep noise churn and what can only be described as a “carnival-like” bounce. Most of the time I find myself forgetting that this was all initially recorded on guitar! This might be a little too far down the rabbit hole for some, but it is a complex insight as to the inner workings of one of the most creative minds of our age." -Invisible Oranges

With his new solo compositions on "Kleines Biest" Kevin is one hundred times removed from the metal chRomanticism he is known for and plants himself deeply within the narrative of contemporaries like Tim Hecker, Gas, and LaMonte Young. Though he does not completely dissolve the thread of his influences, as there are fleeting moments on the album that flirt with a sort of Virgins-Hecker/Don't Break The Oath-Mercyful Fate hybrid, these moments are brief peaks to compositional structures that ebb and flow with the intricate and fragile care of a watchmaker's hands. After a handful of incredibly underrated solo offerings from this masterful musician, "Kleines Biest" is the essential work of a modern composer effortlessly constructing and then deconstructing spacious sound layers while simultaneously maintaining the complexity of an overgrown forest twisting, thriving, and eating itself.

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