“Lovesliescrushing has impressively reached a career that now spans twenty years! I only just found out about this band though and so admit to being utterly uninitiated to their previous sounds.  Shiny Tiny Stars is therefore my first and only exposure to them, so this review does not speak to anything outside of this album.  However, this seven track release sounds anything but out of date or washed up.  Knowing that they’ve been releasing material for so long, it’s tough to believe that this album could sound as fresh as it does.  But, it sure does!  Perhaps they were way ahead of their time.  Regardless, their niche has been described as ‘dream pop,’ ‘ambient,’ and ‘noise.’  I don’t know how much noise I really hear on this record, but ‘dream’ and ‘ambient’ are definitely good descriptors.  From start to finish, this is a beautifully ethereal display that liberates your soul to roam free uninhibitedly.  It’s like you’re looking up at an expansive sky laid out just for you that rolls on and on for miles.  So many possibilities, so much potential.  Exciting.  Freeing.  Promising.  There’s a dark bliss to be found here.  Magical, yet peaceful all at the same time.  Any comparisons to My Bloody Valentine that I’ve read really fail to capture the essence of lovesliescrushing.  The similarity ends at the shoegaziness of their idyllic textures.  The structure of their tracks and the lucidity of their projection are much more formless in nature.  This isn’t just some variation on rock ‘n roll like MBV was.  No, this is post-rock fine art.  This is bent on elevating you ontologically to a new horizon of being.  A mystifying metaphysical flight from the normalcy of everyday life to something more intellectual and philosophically grandiose.  A wonderful journey that every lost soul should take.  A pilgrimage to other realms of the mind.  Handmade Birds even tops it all off with a touch of class by pressing it to 180 gram vinyl for durability and listening quality.  Novel enough, the first 100 orders get a limited edition 5.25″ Floppy Disk with an exclusive lovesliescrushing track.” – Foxy Digitalis

"The duo known as Lovesliescrushing first came together in the early '90s, when vocalist Melissa Arpin Duimstra and multi-instrumentalist Scott Cortez decided to try their hand at the emerging dream pop scene. They began to send out demo tapes of their bizarre, heavily layered music to labels until Projekt finally contacted the band about releasing a single. 1994's Your Eyes Immaculate was the result, a single that so impressed the label that a year later they released the full-length Bloweyelashwish. The album was a mix of ethereal textures, wordless female vocals, and repetitive droning that set them apart from many of the label's gothic artists. Cortez would speak out loudly about how the music was all formed from guitar sounds, something that he was proud of if only because he was accused so much of using keyboards on the album. The band was back the next year with Xuvetyn, another complicated album of lush sounds that moved the sound further in the direction of experimental music. But the band would drop off after promoting that album, working on a new studio album for years and years while still promising that they were together. They finally announced in 2001 that they were ready to edit and release the album, although the year went by without any news outside of that tidbit. The next year proved golden for fans: Arpin-Duimstra and Cortez remerged with a third album. Intricate and glossy, Glissceule was issued on Sonic Syrup in March 2002..." – All Music

"The duo has slowly been releasing work over the past two decades, gradually smoothing out the distortion and leaving an almost Tim Hecker like mass of droned texture from ethereal female vocals and once heavily distorted guitar wash.... crunched shoegaze density of their earliest recordings and the most recent explorations of their narcotized drone-pop. Brilliant stuff..." – Aquarius Records

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