We know what you're thinking: 1) This is the greatest band name of all time. and 2) They must have Schwartzenegger motifs throughout the album.

The first assumption is undoubtedly true. The second is not. In fact, what you will find as you attempt to read the custom printed lyric scroll before the music completely melts your skull and you become blinded by your own flesh, is an extremely academic, sociologically informed narrative on what drives us and what plagues us. As the juxtaposition of a sleek custom laser cut black slip cover against a Bosch-period sliver of a classic Matthias Grunewald suggests, the old and new converge to challenge our perspective of a dark human journey.

The aformentioned lyrical content is woven within a blisteringly raw wall of sound, a recipe that is one part stringed instrument (David Saylor- bass + vocals), and two parts pummeling fortitude delivered with the nuance of masters (Rob Buttrum of renowned noise resort House of Tinnitus and operator of Out-Of-Body Records contributes a unique blend of electronics, and Ben Scott serves bed and breakfast on the drum kit). In other words, if you were listening to your favorite bass driven classic hardcore record at full volume and a UFO landed on your face, you might at least be prepared to listen to this album.

“You can’t just go ‘round killing all the other bands, Terminator 2! Love where this Denton, Texas, three-piece’s doom-obsessed heads are at. It’s not brain surgery: Slowwww basslines that never stop, ever; occasional guitar sludge but not all the time; copious effects that do so much more than take up space… if you like those Hell records (I and II, plus a split with Thou) and/or Gravity Records you’re all set on this. The singer barks so convincingly even the death-metal legends seem trivial in comparison. He really gets down there, to the depths of his very soul. You can’t argue with that kind of passion, and he’s got a band behind him that fuckin’ stone-owns it. Deep and disconcerting, dark and disorderly, deathly and demented, dour and dim, damned and dismembered, destructive and dogged in their pursuit of doom holiness, Terminator 2 take on intriguing shapes when they’re at their best. I’m shocked at how much I dig this, perhaps more than even the material demands. Just right up my alley I guess, to the point where they’re almost stealing ideas I never had. Asunder, Dead And Gone, Unsane, Bloodlet… so much wonderful history.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

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