Handmade Birds was a boutique music archive specializing in limited edition tangible media. Curated by R. Loren (Pyramids), and based out of North Texas, the label began its output in 2011, and operated through six channels: Handmade Birds, Dark Icons Series, White Label Series, Cassette Series, Handmade Beats, Handmade Books. The aim of the label was to bring a mosaic of genre-traversing artists into a kindred fabric bound by an affinity for dark textures and an appreciation for the transmigration of sound. That aim was satisfied. As of 2016, the label went on an indefinite hiatus.

We are currently transitioning to a new multifaceted operation that includes a reinvention of vision. Most releases are sold out, but any limited titles that remain are available for purchase for retail outlets and distributors by contacting the email below. For a comprehensive list of available releases, see our Archive page.

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